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Bald eagle is not bald. You can see this in the picture above. It has white feathers on its head. Its tail is also white. This big bird has a wingspan of more than 2 meters. Bald eagles are strong birds and have an average lifespan of 28 years.

Bald eagle is a national symbol for Americans. You can see it on many American emblems. However, there were only a small number of bald eagles in the USA in 1960s. That was because of use of DDT. DDT is an insect killer. Farmers used it against harmful insects in their farms. It is a toxic material. Insects ate DDT and died. Then, small animals ate the insects and died. Then eagles ate these animals and died. Because it was toxic to humans and animals, it was banned in the US in 1972. After 1972, the number of bald eagles increased. As a result, bald eagles are not endangered today.

Bald eagles have big and powerful talons. They use their talons to catch fish**. They also eat dead animals and steal food from other animals. Bald eagles live near water such as coasts and lakes because in these places there are plenty of fish. Sometimes they eat small mammals, too.

Bald eagles mate for life, that is, they get married and do not change their partners until they die. They make and look after two eggs each year. Baby eagles are completely dark; they do not have the white feathers on their heads and tails until they are five years old. Bald eagles fly great distances. They travel from Florida to Michigan and from California to Alaska.




*A simplified version of the original text at National Geographic

**They use talons to catch fish=Balık yakalamak için …… Herhangi bir fiilin başına “to” getirerek amaç belirtilebilir.

I am studying to learn =Öğrenmek için çalışıyorum.

He is saving money to buy a bike =Bisiklet almak için para biriktiriyor.

Aşağıdaki soruları cevaplayınız

1)     How long does an average bald eagle live?

2)     What animal is a national symbol for Turks?

3)     Why was DDT banned in the USA?

4)     Are bald eagles very honest (=dürüst)? Why or why not?

5)     Why do bald eagles live near water?

6)     When do bald eagles have white head and white tail?


Altı çizili zamirler hangi ifadelerin yerine kullanılmış?

1)     this, satır 1:

2)     it, satır 4:

3)     that, satır 6:

4)     it, satır 9:

5)     they, satır 17:


Cameron Diaz is bald in this picture
Bald eagle has a wingspan of 2 meters.
The emblem of Bilkent university.
some insects
human (n) =person (a man or a woman)
humans =people
Youtube is banned in Turkey.
Smoking in banned restaurants.
As a result= sonuç olarak
Pandas are endangered animals
There aren't many pandas in the world.
An eagle's talon
plenty of =a lot of
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