A pedlar had an ass. One day he bought a lot of salt and loaded the ass with it. It was a heavy load. On the way home, the ass stumbled while he was crossing a stream and fell into the water. The salt got wet and much of it melted. So, when the ass stood up, his load was much lighter. The pedlar, however, took him back to the city and bought more salt and loaded it up on the ass again. When they reached the stream, the ass lay down in it and then stood up, and his load was lighter again. But the pedlar understood the trick. He turned back to the city again but this time he bought a lot of sponges, and put them on the ass. When they came to the stream, the ass lay down again, but now the sponges soaked a lot of water, and when the ass got up, his burden was heavier than ever.
You should not play a good card too often.

= hile, oyun

= yatmak, uzanmak
lie - lay - lain

= varmak

= tökezlemek

= çerçi, seyyar satıcı

loading cargo on a ship

melting ice

load = burden


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A Pedlar who owned an Ass one day bought a quantity of salt, and loaded up his beast with as much as he could bear. On the way home the Ass stumbled as he was crossing a stream and fell into the water. The salt got thoroughly wetted and much of it melted and drained away, so that, when he got on his legs again, the Ass found his load had become much less heavy. His master, however, drove him back to town and bought more salt, which he added to what remained in the panniers, and started out again. No sooner had they reached a stream than the Ass lay down in it, and rose, as before, with a much lighter load. But his master detected the trick, and turning back once more, bought a large number of sponges, and piled them on the back of the Ass. When they came to the stream the Ass again lay down: but this time, as the sponges soaked up large quantities of water, he found, when he got up on his legs, that he had a bigger burden to carry than ever.
You may play a good card once too often.