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Wolves are famous for their howl. They howl when they need to communicate (=talk) with other wolves. If a wolf is alone, it howls to draw attention of his pack (=a group of wolves). Sometimes a pack of wolves howl together and send messages to other packs. A wolf also howls when it challenges other wolves. They also howl simply because other wolves are howling.

Wolves are the biggest members of the dog family. However, while a dog is man’s best friend, a wolf is not. People don’t like wolves very much. Rather, they are afraid of wolves. Wolves don’t attack people; but they do attack people’s domestic animals like sheep, goats and hens. Because of this, farmers often kill them by shooting, trapping or poisoning.

Wolves are endangered animals. Gray wolves and red wolves are almost extinct. Only a small number of gray wolves survive in Europe, though many live in Alaska, Canada, and Asia. As for red wolves, only about a hundred red wolves survive in the world.

Like lions and zebras, wolves live in groups (packs). Each pack consists of six to ten wolves. They walk long distances ( 20 kilometers in one day). Wolves’ favorite prey (=food) is deer. When they find a deer they cooperate (work together) because it is a big animal. A wolf can eat 9 kilograms of meat in one day. They also eat small animals like birds, fish, snakes. Wolves eat fruit as well.

There is strict hierarchy in a wolf pack. A male is the head of the pack. His wife is next to him in this hierarchy. Other males and females of the pack don’t breed, in other words, they don’t have babies. They either look after the baby wolves or hunt**.

One last thing to remember: as bald eagle is a national symbol for Americans, wolf is a national symbol for Turks. We think it a noble animal.

*A simplified version of the original text at National Geographic

**They either look after the babies or hunt = Ya yavru kurtlara bakarlar ya da avlanırlar.


1-    Why do wolves howl?

2-    Do people like wolves? Why or why not?

3-    What do farmers do to protect their animals from wolves?

4-    How many wolves are there in a wolf pack?

5-    Who is second in hierarchy in a wolf pack?



Altı çizili zamirler hangi ifadelerin yerine kullanılmış?

1-    this, satır 9:

2-    them, satır 10:

3-    it, satır 18:

4-    they, satır 18:

5-    they, satır 22:


draw attention =dikkat çekmek
challenge (v) = meydan okuma
Gökçek and Kılıçdaroğlu challenge each other.
Two men are shooting birds.
A mouse trap
A bottle of poison. If you drink/eat posion, you can die.
Dinoaurs are extinct. There are no dinosaurs in the world.
They all died long ago.
survive (v) = keep alive / not die
hayatta kalmak
consist (v) = içermek, -dan oluşmak
Genellikle "of" ile kullanılır.
"This house consists of four rooms and two bathrooms."
A strong male deer
A snake
strict (adj) = katı, kuralcı
He is a strict teacher.
noble (adj) = asil
Fatih was a noble ruler.
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